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DVD Authoring and possible new movie in the works

Due to a screw-up by my Pop my only existing VHS copy of Frosted TV was erased. I was ticked off. Really ticked off. This means the only copy I had left was burnt to six CD's (this was in the days before I had DVD-burn capability). Each CD's file was put together to create one monster 15GB DV AVI file.

As I was attempting to copy CD #4 to my computer it had a tiny read error that prevented the file from being copied. I freaked out. I then used Nero Burning ROM to attempt to make a copy of that disc guessing that it would overlook that small read error - and it did.


After that I spent all night learning DVD Authoring. I tried out several different programs and then finally found a method that worked for me where I could author it menu/sub-menu style like "Play Movie" and "Scenes" and "Bonus Features". Speaking of which, I was able to figure out how to make subtitles. That kicks ass.

After I finally got a version of Frosted TV that I liked, I called Ben up and informed him I would be sending him a copy. Him and I talked for a while and are considering making the comedy movie that we've been talking about for years. A lot of ideas are flying around right now, and hey, maybe I'll actually get to do it, who knows.

Further bulletins as events warrant on that one. 😉

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