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electronic smokes, again

A few months ago at 7-Eleven they started selling NJOY electronic smokes. Yesterday I finally bought a starter kit. 20 bucks.

I waited a while before buying this because my first volley into using e-cigs wasn't that great. I spent 60 bucks on a blucigs starter pack. They were terrible because the design was totally wrong. Yeah, they've fixed that with a new design, but too little too late. And it also appears blucigs increased the price from $60 to $70 for a basic starter kit. Seriously, blucigs?

NJOY comes with all the stuff you need in a single cigarette pack-sized box. 1 battery, 2 cartridges, 1 USB charger and the design is done right the first time.

The vapor you get from an NJOY is good, and moreover the taste actually has kick to it. Furthermore when I need replacement cartridges all I have to do it drive a few miles to the 7-Eleven to get them.

This is yet another attempt by me to kick smoking. Generally speaking, the first two to three days of not smoking are the worst when trying to quit. I'm not technically quitting, but if I can go 48 hours without smoking a regular cigarette and just using the NJOY, that's a big step in the right direction.

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