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emotional feedback on a timeless wavelength

Title of this entry is a lyric from a song about one of the last bastions of "almost free" (as the song puts it) entertainment.


a video is worth 1000 pictures

I had a small connectivity issue with my web site so I submitted a trouble ticket to the hosting company that hosts They responded in fast fashion as usual, but it was difficult to peg down what the cause of the problem was. Instead of writing a huge long drawn-out e-mail, I decided to screen-capture a small video instead, upload it to the serv and have them check it out.

The issue is resolved, but the point is me doing that small screen capture "said" everything without the need to write a dissertation on it. 🙂


those who know drive slow

On Friday I visited Pop in Inverness, then drove the 75-mile trek home as I usually do. The speed limit on I-75 is 70mph. Being that I'm into saving cash these days (and who isn't), I decided to set the cruise control to 65mph.

Note before continuing: Yes, driving 5mph slower really does make a difference in the fuel your vehicle consumes. I learned this trick back in Connecticut when I used to drive 60mph in a 65mph zone. On average I'd get almost 100 miles more out of a tank. It still works.

So I'm leisurely driving down I-75 at 65mph. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is whizzing past me. No one is saving fuel. Nobody except me that is.

I wonder how long it will take before people wake up and realize that "speed limit" doesn't translate to "speed minimum".

When the time comes when all speed limit signs are digital (and trust me, that will happen), posted limits will be able to be adjusted accordingly on-the-fly. Then local towns and counties could lower the speed limit on specific days to save fuel, such as on Sundays and holidays.

Makes sense to me. It forces people to slow down which in turn saves fuel.

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