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end of summer

For many, Labor Day (which just past us) marks the end of summer.

Truth be told, I never really cared for summer. However since moving to Florida I have grown to like them a little more these days.

Ask a New Englander what his or her favorite season is and you will rarely if ever get the answer of "Summer." Rather, the answer will be the season that's just about to start, Fall.

Side note: No one I know says "Autumn." It's always Fall.

In New England, Fall is that all-too-short season where the weather is 100% perfect. You get about seven to eight weeks of weather that is not only makes it pretty outside but puts smiles on everyone's faces.

Am I saying that there's only seven out of fifty-two weeks where it's nice outside up that way? No. There's also the scant few weeks before the beginning of Spring where it has that "just right" feeling outside before the pollen swoops in and makes everyone's car a nice shade of puke yellow. 😉

Even though I've lived in Florida for almost 1.4 years, my mind isn't completely programmed to the weather climate just yet.

Example: It's close to one o'clock in the morn' as I write this. If I walk outside, my brain expects me to feel a cold breeze and see my breath in the night air.

That won't happen. It's 77° here right now. Where I used to live it's 56°.

I'm still not used to that. Two feelings happen when I encounter this. The first is a mild sense of confusion, the second a feeling of joy, as in "Hooray! I don't need a coat!" And if there were a third feeling, it feels almost like I'm cheating - sorta/kinda like when you skip school as a teenager. Tough to describe, really.

. . .

For this September I have more living-in-FL experience compared to the last one. During this time of year is when I think most about New England. Recently I decided against doing the snowbird thing as a future consideration. It is easier and cheaper just to go up for a few days a year and not for a few months. That I can do. Moreover it's what I can tolerate. I left that area for a reason. Several very good reasons, actually. You know that old saying "Nice place to visit, but wouldn't want to live there"? That's how I feel about the North. Great place to visit, but a whole load of suck-ass to live there.

Starting the 2nd week of September, I know my New Englander friends will be enjoying the next seven to eight weeks very much. Everything works right in the North during this time. Not a single one I know is sad that Summer is gone. This is happy-time for them. 😀

As for me, I look forward to the sub-90 temps that will start happening soon.


Perfect New England weather is when it's 74° outside.

Perfect Florida weather is when it's 84° outside.

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