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.EU - yet another TLD no one is going to give a crap about

Here's a TLD (that's top level domain like .com, .net, et cetera) that you may or may not have heard about, .EU, which signifies "EUrope" most likely. You can learn more about it at EURid or you can get one of your own at GoDaddy for $19.95 a year.

Here's my take on TLD's:

The only TLD that anyone gives a crap about is dot com. While it's true there are a ton of TLD's in existence, the only one anyone ever remembers is dot com. Not dot net. Not dot org. Not dot-anything-else. Dot com. Get used to it.

There have been several TLD's that have tried to knock off the #1 spot held by dot com (besides net and org). Here's a few that have tried and miserably failed:

dot TV

This was supposed to be the end-all/be-all of TLD's because it was just... so cool, you know? Hardly. What's the one thing that keeps people from buying these? Price. Way too expensive. The only really successful dot tv domains I've seen are for - you guessed it - television channels.

dot BIZ

Good idea, but these days a ton of mail servers block dot biz domains because many are spam harvesters. To register a dot biz is dirt cheap, but sheesh, why take the risk of being blacklisted?

dot INFO

Extremely cheap to register but extremely forgettable. I find that most people get a really confused look for any TLD that is more than three characters long. You tell them "Okay, it's dub dub dub dot my-site dot info" and they reply with "Um... dot info dot com?"


Most people I know equate internet with dot com. They assume all web sites end with that TLD, and to be honest, the majority of the ones they visit do. As far as they're concerned, if there isn't a dot com at the end of web site URL, it must not be a "real" web site then, right?

So now we have dot EU. Wonderful.

Personally speaking I would never want a TLD that pronounces as "eww!" Would dot EU be synonymous with "dot gross-me-out?" One has to wonder...


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