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facebook sucks

Am I the only one who finds Facebook exceedingly annoying to use? Anyone? Anyone? Well, maybe it's just me then.

Facebook is a complete piece of crap because the way their notification system works just sucks, i.e. it doesn't notify me when new crap arrives in my inbox over there. And yes, it is crap, as in the same crap that was on MySpace.

"So-and-so wants to know your favorite movies!"

"So-and-so sent you an aquarium request!" (I have no idea what that is.)

"So-and-so wants you to join the Tasty Baby Eaters Club!"

Okay I made that last one up. 😛

I am really sick and tired of social networking. No matter which one you use, be it MySpace, Multiply, Facebook or whatever.. it's all the same crap. Nothing changes. All of it is old hat.

We were better off when people just used plain ol' forums. At least on those systems the e-mail notification worked, the spam was non-existent and moreover the system was EASY. All this plugin-style application crap in these social network systems sucks.

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