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I passed the 100-fan mark on my Facebook fan page. Took just a little over two weeks. Amazing. Like I said before, I never truly realized the breadth and scope of Facebook until I actually started using it on a regular basis.

The FB fan page is something I greatly prefer over the FB personal page. Everything about it is better - with the exception you don't get notified when new messages are posted to the wall which sucks. Hopefully FB will add that in.

As for this blog, yes I will continue to write here, but for its next iteration I may go ultra-basic. I can't really describe what that is yet because I haven't designed it yet. 🙂 Granted, my site is basic in design to begin with, but the ultra-basic thing is for maximum compatibility with all browsers, specifically mobile which is still in Web 1.0 land on a technical level. And believe me, basic works; look at what Drudge Report and AIM look like these days.

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