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fast 'net is back!

My DSL got turned on today, but not without some issues. I had to call tech support and deal with 1st level joe-idiot who doesn't know anything about anything. During the phone call the problem fixed itself, so everything is cool for the time being. I know what the problem is - I have noise in my phone line and I basically have one of two ways of fixing it:

a) Put in a service call.

b) Change the wall jack myself.

I am opting for "b" because changing a wall jack is easy. It will cost me less than five bucks to get the parts and change over the really old phone jack over to a new one with new connectors.

I think it's the wall jack itself that's the problem because it just looks ancient. The rest of my apartment is new more or less, but the wall jack is old.

I'll only do wall jack changeover if my connection flakes out. Right now it's stable and I hope it stays that way because I sure am happy to be back on fast 'net! 😉


One more thing: I'm not going to cancel my dial-up account for another week or so just to make sure this thing stays working. After all the crap I've gone thru with broadband lately, I think it's better to be safe than sorry.

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