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feels like fall

At the time of this writing (about 11:15pm) the temperature outside is 75° and awesome as usual. My brain anticipates feeling a chill in the air every time I walk outside but of course the chill is not there. To me, chill happens when it goes below 60°, and it's 55° at my old stomping grounds.

Speaking of temperatures, the old stomping grounds I speak of is going thru that different-weather-every-day phase. It gets nice, then cold. Then too hot. Then dips. Up, down, around... you get the idea. Believe it or not the inconsistency doesn't bother anyone and it didn't bother me when I was there.

What makes me pay attention is the consistency of Florida weather. You can more or less count on every day being the same. Some would take that as extremely boring and dull but I seriously dig it. Why? Because there's no surprises and no guessing games. When you walk outside you can be confident knowing what it's going to be like out there.

To boot, it's really difficult to feel crappy and/or bitter when you step outside and feel a nice warm breeze. You know not the profound effect it has until you experience it.

Even though the temperature doesn't change much it still does feel like fall. Granted, a palm tree doesn't look exactly spooky but the color of the sky at dusk has the same hue the north does during this time of year (more or less.)

The only difference is that you can hang out in a t-shirt and shorts. 😀

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