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finally downloading and trying out windows 7

As I write this I am downloading Windows 7 RC on torrent. I had absolutely no interest in getting it until I learned that the expiration has been bumped to June 2010. For that reason I said, "Yep. Now is the time."

I figure that this is more than enough time to see whether I truly like 7 or not.

In the interim I have to catalog all the apps I use now and back them up to DVD and/or Flash. So just in case Windows 7 won't run specific stuff I need I can go back to XP. This particular applies to the video editing I do. I have no idea if the editors I use will work in 7. But for the vast majority of the other stuff I'm sure they will.

If it's the situation where I install 7, like it and want to keep it, I'm hoping Microsoft will allow an RC to be "converted" to an official release when it goes to retail. If so, that would kick major ass because then I wouldn't have to reinstall the OS again.

This is the first time I will be even touching a Microsoft OS since Vista beta. I never bought Vista. Been an XP user since it was first released in 2001.

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