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First! ...and last

Running a blog is sometimes dangerous business, especially when it's public and you have comments turned on (and yes I DARE to have comments on.. eek!). On one of the more popular blogs I read, the comments were turned off for a while. Then the owner of the site got brave again and turned them on. And what happened dare you ask? A crapload of lame-ass losers who do "first" posts. A "first" post is when an idiot waits every single second for a new blog post to appear and then IMMEDIATELY posts a comment with the word "first" followed by something completely idiotic, such as "lalalalalala". I felt sorry for this poor girl, I really did. Fortunately she removed all the comments so the site is now back to a way better status quo.

I have comment moderation at the ready in case this site ever gets popular enough to get blog spammed like that.. but I *hope* I never have to use it. 😉

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