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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

fish food

Bob really likes his new food. His color (while good) is started to look better already. And he's more active. Well.. active for a fish. It's like.. well.. you know what I mean. He's happier.


Per a conversation via a few e-mails with iTransact, I've decided to stay with Nova Information Systems. That other bank just sucked. As they say in Occum, f--k 'em.

Note: I know absolutely no one in Occum.


I owned a Camaro once. Barely drove it. But it looked cool.

And no, I never had the mullet that's sorta/kinda standard with owning that car.

This video pretty much explains that.

By the way, it's true - Camaros to this day will get you laid, even with the mullet stigma attached to it. 🙂


Speaking of mullets.. tell the barber you're sick of looking like an a--hole. You'll get what that means when you see the video I just linked.

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