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flickr follies

I have a crapload of photos in my Flickr account. Well over 1000. And in case you weren't aware, backing up your photos from Flickr is a huge pain in the ass. Sure, you can batch upload with no problem using any number of apps, but batch downloading? That's a different story.

Anyway, I found a now-old app called Flickr backup that was able to download everything without giving me a "Backup Failed!" every two minutes. It only works for "pro" accounts. I transferred everything over, then pushed all my photos to a USB stick shortly after that.

I've been learning the hard way not to trust online storage.

All these services say, "Yes! Upload your stuff here! We'll keep an eye on it! Not to worry!" That is until the service discontinues. And this seems to be happening a lot lately. So more and more I've been learning to archive my stuff, mainly to USB stick. I plan on buying a 16GB one in the next few months once the price drops to a reasonable level.

It really bothers me that Flickr makes it so easy to upload everything but insanely difficult to batch download. It's like you get caught in a trap once you get hooked on it. Granted, Flickr is good and yes I am a paying "pro" member, but the fact that even as a paid member I cannot mass download my own photos just bugs me. As a paying customer I shouldn't have to deal with that, but oh well, lesson learned.

At least I was able to archive all my stuff now before it was too late.

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