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florida hsmv, washer/dryer stuff

Proof once again that living in Florida kicks ass

As people that read my blog regularly know, I recently moved to a different apartment. Same complex, just a better unit.

Over the past few days I've been updating all the stuff that requires a physical address. One of them that I was particularly worried about was the driver's license because I was 100% sure I had to visit a HSMV office to get this change performed.


I was able to do it 100% online. The cost? Ten bucks.

My new driver's license will be mailed to me in about a week.

Rock rock on. 🙂

W/D stuff

Okay, so I finally have an apartment that has washer/dryer hookups. That's pretty freakin' sweet. The only issue is that I don't have the washer or dryer just yet.

I'm not particularly in a rush to get this done because I want to shop around for the best deal. A neighbor told me about a certain shop that's local and hopefully I'll be able to score a decent washer/dryer set in the sub-$200 area.

Yes, it's true I could buy a set from CL but I'd rather just go thru a store because:

  1. I don't feel like transporting them myself (much less lugging them into my apartment).
  2. I don't have the proper tools to tighten the hoses (and I don't feel like buying tools for a one-time job).
  3. If I buy from a store and they break, I have a place I can go if I need them serviced.

My intent is to go used or ideally scratch'n'dent new. There is absolutely no reason to buy pristine new when it comes to a W/D set. When I bought the W/D set for my father, it was a scratch'n'dent set. Know what? It works perfectly. Yes, there's a small dent in the washer on the right side. I don't give a crap and my father doesn't give a crap because it does the laundry exactly like it's supposed to. And it cost about $300 less than if it was pristine from-the-box new and has warranty to boot. Furthermore you would never know there was a dent unless I actually pointed it out to you.

I honestly believe the only people who buy pristine new washer/dryer sets either don't know you can go scratch'n'dent or feel that yes, it's important that utility items that no one ever sees must look good. Does anyone truly give a crap about that? I certainly don't.

So anyway, whenever this purchase happens I'll be sure to blog and brag about it. 🙂 Oh yes I will. Anyone who has their own W/D set knows exactly what I'm talking about. No laundromats, no "I do laundry at my parents'/friend's/neighbors' house". None o' that b.s.

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