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florida lottery number crunching

Florida Lottery is more or less like any other state lottery. And even though I know quite a bit about the games offered, believe it or not I've never purchased a ticket. But I may start soon and I'll tell you why.

On the Ca$h 3 page (as well as the rest of the games), the winning number history is available to anybody who wants it. It is a huge web page but very informative.

I wanted to figure which numbers showed up in which position the most for the last 60-ish days. I figured that amount of days would give me a good idea of what numbers not to play.

To get the figures into a spreadsheet was nothing short of a pain in the ass, but I did get it done. I then sorted the columns to see which numbers per column showed up the most.

The information I discovered was, shall we say, interesting.

The Big Question: Do certain numbers show up more than others?


If you want to know the information I found out, get on my newsletter. I'll be releasing the info once, and only once, free. The newsletter with that info will be released Sunday, July 12, 2009.

I'll be telling you what numbers show up in which columns the most, the least and everywhere in between.

I stick to Ca$h 3 because the odds of winning are the highest. The three best ways to play are:

Each is 50ยข a play. Granted, the payout isn't high, but if you keep scoring wins by knowing the correct numbers to play, it can easily lead to $50 to $100 or more extra bucks in your pocket each month. In economic times like these, cash like that can go a long way.

Again, get on the newsletter and you'll find out what I now know. I'll also be providing info on how to crunch the numbers in case you're in a different state using free software.

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