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In my freshman and soph years of high school I went to a Catholic high school, then transferred to a public school for my junior and senior years. The reason I transferred was because of one teacher in particular. In a future post I'll tell that story, but not now. I mention this to note that it wasn't any one of my peers that drove me away from that place.

On Facebook a girl sent me a message that was at that Catholic school the same time I was. We were in the same grade. I've been trading messages back and forth with her.

During those years I was socially inept (particularly with girls) but some I felt okay talking with, and this girl was one of them. For whatever reason she just seemed more approachable than other girls. She said she remembered the conversations we used to have and liked what we talked about.

For the life of me I can't remember a darn thing we spoke of, and that bugs me. I want to ask her about what I said that stuck with her all these years, but that means I'd have to admit I don't remember a frappin' thing. 😉 So I guess I'll have to be content to live with the mystery.

In one of the messages sent I told her I always thought I was invisible to everyone. She said she knew I felt that way so maybe I wasn't as invisible as I thought and that yes, that whole "people don't know I exist" b.s. really was all in my head.

I admit, I like it that I was remembered and moreover remembered in kind.

Kinda makes me wonder if anyone else remembers me from that school..?

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