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Fortune smiles

First, the bad news: I was sick today and had to stay home. Congestion sucks.

Second, the good news (of which there was quite a bit today), here goes:

i) Some potential business for my biz may be coming my way very shortly. Very good deal there.

ii) Been talking with a vox I know concerning the newly written tunes for my music thing. He's definitely up for it and lives right in my neighborhood (about 5 minutes from my house). Very cool. He's a great lyric writer and I think he will fit the style well. It will be great to put some vox to my tunes once again. This actually works out well for both of us. He wants me to record some of his songs (which I have previously) and I want him to do some of my songs, so it's a win-win situation. I may not have to advertise for a vox after all.

iii) Treatment for the screenplay is FINISHED.. FINALLY. The screenplay I have been working on for months has its treatment (the overall story) completed. Now the dialogue and actual screenplay can actually start.

iv) A possible career thing. Can't say much more than that right now because it's in the baby stages. More on that later. 😉

I also got word from my girlfriend that some people at where she works are looking for more pics of us together. Well, um.. hang on, they're coming. Stay tuned. 🙂

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