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more computery crap

My motherboard, hard drive, RAM and video card arrived yesterday. Everything looks good, save for one thing: The power connector off the power supply doesn't fit the motherboard. It's a 20-pin. I need a 24-pin. So I need to head out to a computer place to pick up a 20-to-24 pin adapter. My Intel Core 2 Duo is arriving today anyway, so no big deal.

the glowing box

A friend of mine told me yesterday that modern television sucks. I guess that sometimes you need to be exposed to several hours of television to realize how bad it can be.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to give up television entirely. It's simple: Don't have cable tv. I haven't for over a year. Nowhere in my psyche do I have any television withdrawal, and never have.


One thing I'm very well aware of but don't necessarily pay attention to that often is the sheer amount of advertising in and around Tampa. Whilst driving around yesterday afternoon I looked around a bit and perused the tons of billboards, banners, signs and so on.

I full well understand I live in tourist-ville, but that's what I wanted. I wanted to live in a place that was the opposite of my stomping grounds, and that's what I got.

And I like that. 🙂

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