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I was recently invited to a MySpace group for my graduating class of '93 from KHS. Cool beans. It's unfortunate that I only was there two years from '91 to '93 (my first two were at a different high school before I transferred). Had I been at KHS the full four years I probably would have gotten to know more people. Ah well. Such is life.

I think I still have my '93 tassels somewhere. I'll have to go dig those out. By now they must be yellowed with age (they are thirteen years old, after all). My yearbook is back at Pop's place I believe. I hope it is. Would be a shame to lose it.


A friend sent me a call from Samuel L. Motherf--king Jackson. It was very cute of her to do that and I liked it. Unfortunately I turned into a moron and completely forgot to tell her "thank you" for doing that, because it was in fact a very nice thing to do, and I did appreciate it.

I have the sneaking suspicion she'll be taking me on a date to see Snakes on a Plane. And hey, why not. It would be a fun night out.


If the stars line up just right, I may be heading up to Ohio in a month to assist Brent Simon record his full length album. I got to chat with him on the phone the other night, tossed some ideas around and it may be something workable.

Brent fans have been bugging him for months (literally) asking him when the new release is going to show up, so I've been called upon to assist. And I'm more than happy to if the scheduling works out.

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