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from the one who took 9 years to grow up

A long-ass time ago (if you couldn't tell from the title of this bloggo) I had three good friends. As time passed I met a girl and basically decided I didn't need them anymore. Stupid? Yes.

Recently I was having a phone conversation with my father and the subject of old friends came up. During the discussion the thought occurred to me that I've never made any attempt to contact any of the three in the past nine years.

Did any ever do me wrong?


Am I holding a grudge against any of them?


I'm not going to get into extreme-detail specifics of why I drifted away from these people, but I will say my reasons were weak at best.

I don't want to give off the impression that I had no friends after these guys. Not by a long shot. There were other people I knew (some still to this day) and yes, I've burnt bridges with a clear conscience with some - however the deal is with these guys is that they never did any wrong on me.

I'll also note that there wasn't any grandiose parting of the ways. I just decided to stop calling and visiting. They decided to do the same. Yeah, I know.. not a very entertaining read but that's the truth.

For whatever reason I have the itch to make contact again. Why did it take nine years? I'm not really sure.

After a little whitepage searching on the internet, I found two of the three. The third I couldn't locate because I forgot how to spell the guy's last name (it's a long French thing that I could never remember other than pronunciation).

Then I asked myself, "Geez.. what do I do now?"

I thought about calling. No way. Too awkward.

Instead what I've decided to do is go old school and write letters. I figure that's the safest way to go. And I have the physical addresses so I'm hoping they're accurate.

What I will write is more or less an apology followed along with my contact information. The apology part is going to say that I'm sorry for waiting way too long to return contact and hope their holiday season goes well for them (and I mean that sincerely).

Maybe I'll get a return letter.

Maybe I'll get a call.

Or maybe I'll get nothing.

No matter what the result I'm writing anyway.

I figure it this way: I trade e-mails and speak on the phone with a girl who I knew fifteen years ago. She found me, and heck, if that can happen, nine years isn't too much of a stretch, right? 🙂

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