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from the tapes

[edit: Download links removed because all my music is on my music page now]

I was digging around some old audio tapes I had and came across some tunes I recorded over ten years ago (around '95 or '96). This was when I still had my original Ensoniq SQ-1 Plus workstation synth for drums and bass and recorded using a Tascam 424 four-track system, which also used audiocassette.

Bear in mind these tunes were recorded when heavy metal still had somewhat of a presence on radio.

Also bear in mind there's copyright on this stuff. So like, don't steal. Then I won't have to sue you. 🙂

From The Tapes #5 (click to download)

This one has a sorta/kinda Helmet sound to it. A fast, driving sound.

From The Tapes #6 (click to download)

Can't really describe the sound of this one. Has sort of a "prog rock" sound to it(?) I dunno. Sounded cool at the time. The guitar tone in this one was awesome.

From The Tapes #7 (click to download)

Probably one of my favorite riffs I ever wrote. And, wouldn't you know it, this song actually has cymbal chokes in it. Too bad the solo is completely in the wrong spot (comes way too early). Speaking of which, the tone on the solo sounds terrible, but the rhythm guitars are great.

Just for comparison...

Four (click to download)

This one was recorded in 2005. There are a few things that are immediately noticable:

  1. The drums sound ten times better (using an Ensoniq MR-61 instead of the SQ-1+).
  2. The bass is a real bass guitar.
  3. It's slower, leaner and meaner.
  4. The groove is a whole lot cooler.
  5. The solo kicks ass.

That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it. 🙂


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