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As of today I have a Google+ profile, which is here. The Goog has decided to give everyone URLs that look almost exactly like MySpace used to do it, followed by exactly how Facebook used to do it, that being a huge set of numbers nobody will ever remember. I'm sure later on there will be customizable web addresses, but for the time being there aren't.

I bitched about not having a g+ profile only because I didn't have one, but now that I do and have used it a little bit, my reaction is meh. I don't have any compliments about g+ nor do I have any real complaints. There's nothing in the system that's groundbreaking, new or even interesting for that matter.

If people want to follow me on g+, that's fine but I'm not going to pester people and say "Dude, you gotta get in on this" because I simply don't feel the fervor.

Anyway, yeah I got a profile, so um.. yeah. Big whoop.

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