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Gaining weight

Over the past few weeks I've put on a few pounds (about 4). Not good. The reason I'm gaining weight is basically because my job is stressing me out something fierce and I eat to calm my nerves - and I've been eating nothing but crap.. mostly chocolate. All junk. This has to stop.

It's okay to have a candy bar every now and then, it won't kill you. When you start having a candy bar every day (sometimes two or three,) that's when it's a bit out of control. I have to make a conscious effort to stop eating chocolate and sweets. Unfortunately there's a vending machine less than 15 feet from my cubicle. Not good. Sometimes it's really hard to say no to that machine when your day is full of nothing but stress (and that's every day where I werk).

I've started doing a little overtime on the treadmill, and it's working. I feel better and my stomach is starting to flatten up. There's still a lil' ways to go.. but as long as I stay on track, the pounds should drop off fast.

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