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gaming videos on youtube are officially doomed

This has been a long time coming, but YouTube is finally dropping the hammer on gaming videos.

I'm not a gamer, but if you watch YouTube with any regularity at all, there is basically no way to avoid gamer videos, as in videos with gameplay footage in them. You run into them constantly.

A lot of video content on YouTube is complete crap, but some of the worst are gamer videos. Some examples are "Let's Play", "ownage" and "troll" videos all centered around gameplay footage.

A ton of these are monetized. In fact, there are some YouTube partner users where every video they have is nothing but gameplay footage and them just talking over it.

Well, all of that is going to come to screeching halt in 2014. When the new year starts, a whole bunch of people are in for a very rude awakening as there will be gamer videos pulled from the site left and right, and new content whether monetized or not is going to be outright disallowed.

It's easy to figure out why this is happening. A bunch of YouTubers who post video content that they did not create (playing a game does not mean you created the game) are cashing in on video traffic while at the same time ruining many opportunities for game companies to make money.

Every time someone posts an ending to a game on YouTube, that's a game sale lost. Every time someone posts a walkthrough, that's also a game sale lost (why bother buying the game when you can just watch someone else play it like a movie?) Every time someone posts an ownage/let's play/troll gamer video, that loses sales (when parents see that crap, that's enough to get them to not buy the game).

When gamer videos start getting pulled, you'll hear the exact same crap people have been saying for years, as in your standard "This is killing YouTube" comment. What-frickin'-ever...

I'm personally really happy about YouTube's decision to do this is because gaming videos SUCK and always have. Any dope these days can record a gaming video, give "commentary" on it, post to YouTube and if monetized make a few bucks off it. Not anymore. It's literally game over for those idiots. And yes, this is a very good thing.

YouTube users get really bitchy whenever they're banned from being able to use other people's content without permission. "WAAAAH! WAAAHH! WHY CAN'T I USE MATERIAL THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO ME??!?!?!?? WAAAAAHHH!" Whatever. So you want to use content that you didn't create, didn't put any work into and then make money off it? Sorry, you lose. Thanks for playing.

I'm sure the gamers will establish a worthless online petition (if they haven't already), which of course means nothing because no online petition has every amounted to anything in the history of the internet. And there will be scores of gamers that will say "I'M NEVER BUYING ANOTHER GAME FROM [insert gaming company title here]!" once their videos start getting pulled. That's a lie because they didn't even pay for the game to begin with. Mommy and daddy did. And for the adults that say the same thing, they're lying too and will continue to buy games from the same company.

Some gamers will spew out, "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A REVIEW OF A GAME THEN?" Evidently everyone has forgotten about written reviews and gamer forums. I guess they all forgot how to read.

And let's not forget that some partner users will have some if not all their content pulled because they used nothing but game footage in their crappy footage. Buh-bye! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

2014 is going to be a good year for YouTube because they're finally dumping all those crappy gamer videos, and I look forward to it because it's a big step in the right direction. A YouTube without crappy gamer videos is a very good thing.


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