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garmin msn direct gets an update

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. . .

I don't know when this exactly happened, but according to MSN Direct an update occurred which fixed some of the MSN connectivity issues with Garmin GPS devices (mine happens to be a c580 which is one of them.) Part of the improvement is keeping the connection "alive" longer, so if the signal gets intermittent it "holds" it longer. That's a good thing, trust me on that one.

So for the first time I tried Garmin's Web Updater because evidently that's the only web to get the update.

Side note: The updater now has a Mac OS X 10.4 (or greater) version. Some Mactards were complaining about Garmin's lack of Mac support, so Garmin stepped up to the plate and appeased them with a Mac version. Hopefully now they'll shaddup.

So anyway back to the updater thing.

Several updates were available for my c580 so I downloaded and installed them all. There were some language updates, a Bluetooth firmware update (I don't use that but installed it anyway,) and of course the MSN Direct update.

Now here's where the fun part comes in. If I didn't know so much about StreetPilot updating I'd probably be scratching my head in confusion.


The Bluetooth firmware update did not complete after being sent to the unit because the USB cable was plugged into it. The c580 goes into "USB mode" and stops whatever is being applied to it. So I powered it off, unplugged the USB and booted it again. Then the firmware update applied properly (it just started over again, no big deal.)


The MSN Direct update - even though sent to the unit already - didn't complete upating until I plugged in the power cord (which also serves as the MSN antenna.) Then the update applied to it.

And that was it. All the updates applied like they were supposed to. The unit operates just fine.

I'm hoping that MSN Direct update works, because if the connectivity doesn't improve I'm not going to bother renewing the service when the 12 months is up.

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