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Garmin StreetPilot 2720 touchscreen busted - again

Brief history of Menga's and GPS units:

My first StreetPilot: The i3. Tiny little baseball-sized unit. Gave it to my sister. She uses it now in Massachusetts. Still works great.

My second StreetPilot: The c340. I have it in storage as a backup unit now.

Pop's first StreetPilot: The 2720. Big unit. Will be talking about this in a moment.

My third StreetPilot: The c580. I frickin' love this unit. Best one I've owned yet. You can read a detailed jeer/cheer review here if you like.

. . .

The reason I list my Garmin StreetPilot history and my family's usage history is so you're aware that I've used quite a few of them.

That being said:

The i3 to date has never had any physical problems. Not a one. Software-wise, it only locks up if it's trying to calculate a route and the signal drops for whatever reason. Fix: Unplug it, remove batteries, reinsert, re-plug, route again.

The c340 has two physical problems. First, the battery will no longer hold a charge, and you can't replace it. While it's true there are DIY methods on manual replacement, it's not like you can pop out the battery and pop in a new one by design. Second, the power cord will not power the unit if it's too hot. If Florida sun "cooks" the cord too long (such as being parked outside on a hot day for more than 15 minutes), I have to wait until the cord cools down first and then it will power the unit.

The 2720 had one physical problem - the touchscreen. Previously, Pop's 2720 had to be sent out for service. Garmin replaced the unit at no cost. The touchscreen has now failed once again. Again, a warranty RA number has been issued and it will be shipped out tomorrow. Garmin will once again replace at no cost. Note: The screen still displays data; it's just the touch part that doesn't work.

Like me, Pop lives in Florida, and Florida gets hot. Real hot. Due to my c340's aversion to heat concerning the power cord, I specifically instructed Pop to take the 2720 off the dashboard, turn it off and place it on the floor away from the sun when not in use. This seemed to work for a while but the touchscreen has decided to fail anyway.

My only theory why the touchscreen has failed must be due to the fact the 2720 chassis doesn't like heat. The owner's manual for all StreetPilots specifically instructs not to leave the unit in direct sunlight or in the trunk of a car - and I've heeded that to the letter. Pop and both own pickup trucks. When my c580 isn't in use, I power it off, take it off the dash, then put it on the carpet face-down (meaning screen-down). Pop follows suit with his 2720.

It's cool that Garmin is replacing the unit - again - without issue, but still.. it's surprising the premium unit has major hardware failures like that when the "c" and "i" series essentially have none. Or rather, none that would disallow normal use.

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