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Garmin StreetPilot c580 quick review

My c580 arrived today. Only been using it for a day and will write (or shoot in video) a more in-depth review soon.

But anyway, here are the highlights in Q/A style compared to my c340 which I now have as a backup.

Here are more highlights:

Provided: Soft shell case.

Very nice bonus I didn't know that it came with. There is a super-cool form-fitting soft shell case that you can zip/unzip at whim.

More avoidance options.

I can now avoid carpool lanes and ferries in addition to other avoidances.

Vehicle icon (with truck!)

Instead of that plain ol' arrow showing where you are on the map, you can now use a vehicle icon. Car or truck. I chose truck, obviously. 🙂 The arrow is still there if you want to use it.

Super-fast boot time if plugged in

The unit seems to not shut down but rather suspend itself when plugged in. This is not a bad thing AT ALL. You hit the power button and the screen near-instantly lights up.

"Go home" now only two taps away

On the c340, it was "Where To? / Favorites / Go Home". On the c580, it's "Where To? / Go Home". It was good they eliminated the useless third step just to tell the unit to take you home.

Map is tappable to instantly save a favorite

This I really like. No matter where you are, tap the vehicle icon - and you can save a favorite right there. Saves a bunch of steps compared to the c340.

Mount is much shorter and smaller

The mount for the c340 sucked. Badly. On the glass it stuck out too far. On the dash (where I had it) it was too high. The c580's mount is smaller and much more "squat" - and holds its position well. However, we'll see just how well it performs after it's been used for a while. Only time will tell on that one.

. . .

I'll post some more details soon once I learn everything on it, but so far - two thumbs up! 🙂

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