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Getting ergonomic

My left wrist started having a small dulling pain here at work after typing on the keyboard for a few hours. It's not a bad pain, just a small one - but it's enough to notice. That's bad. I know several people who have carpal tunnel and I don't want to be next.

So I spoke with management and they gave me one of these "Microsoft Natural Elite" keyboards. You know the kind. Really funky looking things with a huge split in the middle.

After using this thing for a few hours, guess what. Pain's almost gone. This ergo-board really does work. Who'da thunk it?

At home, my keyboard has a large wrist rest attached to it and I feel no pain when using my home keyboard. At werk, I was using a standard Dell 104-key keyboard with a squishy wrist rest - but I guess that's not doing the job any longer. The natural 'board is doing much better.

Contrary to popular belief it does not take forever to get used to one of these things. Some keys are in different places but it's nothing that anyone couldn't learn. I guess we'll see if the pain completely goes away or not using this thing. I hope it does. No pain is a good thing. 😉

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