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Getting the itch

Things to do tomorrow (and dammit I'll do 'em too, haHA!):

1) Unpack the rest of my crap.

Yeah, I already said this but I'm writing it again to remind myself to do it.

2) Get some Castrol GTX 5W-30 for my truck.

I scheduled an appointment at a local GM dealership today for an oil change. My truck is currently 2000 miles overdue ((shudder)). Usually I'm really good about that but I had reasons for being late this time around. When I went to schedule the appointment I asked if I could request a specific oil. They said yes, but didn't have Castrol GTX on tap, so I have to go buy some tomorrow.

Why I'm a fan of Castrol GTX motor oil:

Back when I owned my Camaro I used to do my own oil changes (I don't do them any longer because honestly I just don't like lying on the ground). When I first got the car I bought a case of on-sale Quaker State. On the first oil change I saw what it looked like coming out of the pan. It was clumpy, sludgy and black. That's bad - it shouldn't look like that after 3000 miles. The 'GTX I used on the second oil change did not clump, did not sludge and still had "oil color" to it, and that's good.

I've been sold on the stuff ever since and I refuse to use anything else - so much so that I will go out and buy it and demand the empty bottles back to prove the oil changer guys actually used it.

3) Start recording again.

Being that my crap is still packed up I haven't reconstructed my home studio yet. I've been twanging away on the acoustic for a few nights now and I'm getting the urge to record some stuff - so that's definitely in order.

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