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give me an n, pat

I found out why my new wireless router has such an awesome signal:


That, dear readers, is wireless N actually working.

For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, here's the poop on wireless and the crapola I've dealt with concerning wireless internet in my own apartment.

Most people set up their wi-fi where the channel (of which there are 11 on most routers) is automatically chosen by the router and the wireless type used is G.

I live in an apartment complex where a whole bunch of residents have routers almost all on G, and it took me a good long while before I found the right settings to use where my router didn't "argue" with others close to me so the signal wouldn't drop.

My netbook has always had wi-fi N capability and I tried to make that work before by buying an N router. It didn't work at all, so I returned it and bought a high-end b/g-only router, which is the one that just got fried.

When I bought my new wi-fi router, the goal was to get something cheap that worked and worry about tweaking the wireless settings later. The TRENDnet router was only 20 bucks, so that's what I bought. It said it did b/g/n but I didn't care and was intending on shutting off N for b/g only.

Well, as it turns out, N actually works. When I connected my netbook on wi-fi, I noticed the signal was really solid, then I hovered over the wi-fi icon in the tray and saw the over-100 number.

"Holy crap. Wireless N is actually working. Wow."

And yeah, it's working great. Solid 5-bar connection all the time and a big-time improvement in speed.

Just to put this in perspective, the fastest you can get on wi-fi G is 54 Mbps. That's the best it can do and you can't go any higher. Now I have a wi-fi speed that's more than double what I had - on a router that cost literally about 45 bucks less than the premium G one I had.

The speed fluctuates between the 120s and 140s, however it always stays over 100 and the signal is solid as a rock. Heck, that's more than good enough for me because I was happy before when I could get 54 without the signal dropping.

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