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giving twitter another go

twitter_bird Even though Twitter has totally jumped the shark, I've realized after not using it for a little while that it does in fact serve a purpose for my job. It keeps people entertained and it's stupidly easy for live show updates.

I announced quite loudly I was kicking Twitter to the curb and did so with a clear conscience. But this time around I'm going to approach it differently.

The approach is this:

Treat it as disposable.

Usually when I post tweets they're just links to things I find interesting. Twitter doesn't "like" this at all. I don't care. If the account gets whacked just from, y'know, using it, then let 'em do it. It will not be the end of the world should that happen.

Stay in Twitter.

Previously I was doing that thing where anything posted to Twitter would sync with Facebook. Not doing that anymore. What I post to Twitter is only going to be there. This is so I can keep much better track of quips I post and if I have to delete something not say, "Oh, yeah.. I have to delete it on Facebook and FriendFeed too."

Another reason is that Twitter has it's own language of sorts with hashtags, RTs and so on. On Twitter users understand what that crapola means, so it's best to stay within that medium for things like that.

The unblanking

Those who follow me on the internet have probably noticed by now that both my Facebook and Twitter profiles are blanked. There's absolutely nothing on either account. However by the time this blog gets posted there will be some content on both.

On Facebook the only thing I'm posted there is an auto-feed for my blog out of TwitterFeed for as long as that service works. It is the best way to feed a blog into a Facebook wall, no question. TF's way of doing it just looks good and functions well.

On Twitter, same thing - except there will also be other things I'll post there as well. As I said above, things I post randomly in Twitter will only be there.

What I've learned and what I won't do again

It's figuratively beat into our heads, SYNC EVERYTHING, so I did. I synced Twitter to Facebook to Friendfeed to my blog and so on.

But there isn't any internet law of sorts that says you must do that, so I'm not going to. I'm going to use whatever is easy/streamlined for me that I can keep track of.

When you start syncing all over the place, everything turns into a mess in short order, and I don't like a virtual mess. Or any mess for that matter.

So yeah.. back on Twitter. Yay? 🙂

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