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GMC Acadia web site sucks

I am a big fan of GMC vehicles. After all, I own an '05 GMC Canyon. I got this e-mail touting the new GMC Acadia vehicle so I headed over its web site to check it out.

The vehicle is nice, but the web site SUCKS. There's this "see it for yourself link" that opens up a Flash presentation (groan...) and it's SLOW on broadband when loading because it's so BIG in file size.

I got sick of waiting and just said screw it. All I wanted to see was a nice image gallery and some vehicle specs. Instead I'm treated to this corporate "let us wow you with our mad Flash skills" thing.

I wasn't "wow'd" at all. Blatant overuse of Flashturbation.

Hey GMC, here's a hot tip for you:

The next time you program a web site for a future vehicle, try making something that LOADS FAST. None of us care about Flash. We want to see specs, photos, PRICE and so on. That Flash stuff has got to go. Fire your web designer, GMC. Now.

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