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Google Account be gone!

My Google Account is gone as of today. No, it wasn't for noble reasons or anything like that. I deleted it because there was no other way to get rid of my AdSense account. A screwy thing happened with it where it could not be deleted without whacking the Google account itself, so that's what I did.

I sent out an email to a few people I know telling them the story (with the main point being "SAVE YOUR PUBLISHER ID - SERIOUSLY, GUYS") so they wouldn't suffer the same fate I did.

At this point the only two Google products I use - which fortunately can be used without a Google Account - are YouTube and Panoramio. The only reason I'm able to is because I signed up for those services well before the Google Account migration took place, so it's allowed. If you signed up new, you'd have to use an account by Goog.

Even though my account was an "original" from '04, it always ticked me off because I couldn't get Why? Because Goog requires a minimum 6 characters for usernames. That's stupid. If it were that five-character name I originally wanted, I wouldn't have deleted it for nostalgic reasons.

~ ~ ~

A few words on usernames, accounts, etc.

There are four usernames I will go for whenever anything new appears on the Internet. If it's something that appears may take off at some point or another, I'll sign up even if I never use the account.

Over the past couple of years however I whacked quite a few of those accounts. And when I say whacked I mean deleted completely - even if I did get the username I wanted. I found that it's way too easy to lose track of what information you have out there when you have a bunch of accounts you don't use. This has since been remedied somewhat by the use of a password manager, however there are still stragglers out there I find from time to time (like this one I found very recently).

Per my AdSense experience, anything you use that has any involvement with money - even if you don't make any from the service - is bad to leave sit. Whether it's Lulu, PayPal, eBay or whatever it is, login to that sucker at least once a month. When you don't you miss time-sensitive stuff concerning account changes and updates. Miss enough of them and your account gets all messed up. You just can't let stuff like that sit and collect dust.

IF my AdSense account is able to be reestablished or recreated as new, then oh yeah, I will be logging into it a bare minimum of once every 30 days and even set up an email calendar reminder just to make sure I don't forget.

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