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google chrome is the best browser on a netbook

Those who know me in tech circles are going to find this a bit of a shock, because I have said before that I don't care for the Google Chrome web browser all that much.

My attitude has changed however since getting my Dell Inspiron mini 10v.

It turns out that Chrome is in fact the best browser for a netbook. This is for two primary reasons:

  1. It runs really fast.
  2. It uses the least vertical real estate.

The second part is the most important.

Here's an example:


The above is all you get. On my screen that's 1024x576. On others, 1024x600. Either is really small on the vertical.

Both Firefox and IE take up too much vertical space. You encounter this the moment you open up more than one tab. Granted, you can F11 it to go full screen on either, but it's better when you actually see your tabs and address bar.

Chrome is the best in this respect, so yeah, it's my primary browser on my netbook. I never thought I'd ever use this as the default, but it does the job better than all the rest.

Who'da thunk it?

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