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green scales fell like rain

Title of this entry is a lyric from a song about a creature that lives in a land called Honah Lee.


Having conversations with apparitions

Pop is currently stationed at a nursing home / assisted living center due to doctor's orders. He will be staying there for approximately one to two weeks. Earlier this evening, I picked him up and we went out to dinner. It was pleasant. Later on, we finished dinner, went back to the house and caught up on everything he missed. E-mails, messages on the answering machine and so on.

That all went fine.

What sucked is that I had to deliver him back to the nursing place. Very heart wrenching. Yes, he understands he has to go back, and I understand I must take him there, and we both understand it will only be for a very short time, however, delivering him to that place made me feel like an absolute dick. Pop does not belong there. He's the youngest guy in the place and in full command of his facilities. Very, very heart wrenching.

In addition to that, there were a few moments this evening while with him that seemed surreal, as if I were talking to a ghost. I think that when you see someone suffer a physically traumatic event, in your mind they're dead until you see them again. Then when you do, part of you is surprised that person is still alive - even though you shouldn't feel that way. It's not that you wanted them dead (not at all), it's an adjustment phase that's very.. odd.

Aside from all that, Pop is fine. He appears to be doing very well. And I'm not saying just as wishful thinking. He really is doing very well.


Finance oddity

I inspected my new auto loan agreement via an online document, which said the approximated monthly minimum payment was $24.50 higher than what was said to me on the phone yesterday.

Now just HOLD EVERYTHING... what the frig..

So I called up the loan people. There were no goofs or screw-up's involved. What happened is that the loan amount was purposely set with a buffer (i.e. a higher amount) to ensure the entire loan amount for my previous auto loan was paid in full. Once paid, the amount would go back to the original refinanced amount, thereby lowering the monthly payment to what I was quoted over the phone.

Yes, sounds very confusing. I know. But my question was answered and I understood it.

Here's the layman's explanation of what happened: Say you have a car loan that has only $500 left on the balance. Since the rate changes daily, it could be $501 one day, $499 the next day and so on. So you send a final payment of $505, which is five bucks over what you owe just to ensure it's paid in full. Afterwards, you get a check cut back to you for what you paid over. This is what my new auto loan people are doing. They're purposely sending over what's actually owed to ensure the old balance is paid. Once done, that overage is cut out.

And by the way, I recommend to anyone that you should never send the final payment on any loan with a variable rate as the exact amount due. Send at least one to five bucks more and get a check cut back to you later. I have known people that have been charged late fees (big ones, mind you) for not paying 2ยข. I kid you not. Someone I knew paid off an amount, thought it was done and over with, but the amount adjusted by two cents. Three months later the guy gets a nastygram with a late fee attached and a knock on his credit record to boot. Yeah, he was upset about it. The lesson to be learned? Send a little extra. You'll get it back anyway.


It's good to be a man?

I read this, then wondered why I don't ever have problems like that author does when purchasing retail products.

All I could think of when I read that article is that the teen employee she encountered must have instantly pegged her as the you-annoy-me type. Was it because of age? Was it because she's a girl? A combination of both? Unknown.

What's sad is that the author didn't get her book (that's what she was shopping for). As I was reading thru the article, I was rooting for her and saying in the back of my mind Yes, she'll get that book.. go for it. But that didn't happen. Instead, she left the bookstore defeated, frustrated and angry. Or at least that's what I think happened. She never said whether she got the book or not, so I'm assuming she didn't.

The interesting thing is that it's almost a sure bet that were I placed in the same position as the consumer, I would not have encountered any attitude. I almost never do. Is it because I'm a man with a commanding (or as some have enlightened me, intimidating) persona combined with a low, boomy bass voice?

That's a stumper. Or maybe it isn't. You be the judge.

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