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happy motoring!

I was running out of Axe deodorant body spray so I had to pick up another can of it. They changed it. The nozzle is now different - which is good - but the scent is also now slightly changed. On the can is printed "Improved fragrance".

I don't know if I like it. I'll go thru this can, but I may switch to something different in the future.


I Febreze'd my truck. That stuff is one of the best things ever invented. It's so rare when you can label anything as a perfect scent, but Febreze is one of them. It always seems "just right".


During the night I was bored so I headed to a 7-Eleven in Clearwater. On SR-60 over the Courtney Campbell Causeway a motorcycle passed me at about 120mph (I'm guessing). The speed limit is 60mph.

Scared the crap out of me.


During the Clearwater drive, the temperature outside was a perfect 72° F.

Even though I've been here over a year, I still find that amazing.

The only time when I drive with the sunroof closed is if the sun is beating me directly overhead or when it rains.


A few days ago a called up long-time friend Ben in Connecticut due to the fact I may be acquiring a vintage Buick soon that needs some major restoration. He's a huge fan of Dodge A-100 "Vanpickups" and owned a total of eight at one time. Don't know if he still has that many but I'm betting he's got at least four - two of which I know are registered and have plates so he can drive them on a semi-regular basis. This guy knows how to do what's called "frame up" restorations with 60's vehicles and has done everything from frame to motor to paint and everything in between. Even though the Buick I may receive was built in '75, I trust any advice the guy can give because he knows what he's doing.

I left him a message asking to call me back because I had some vehicle restoration questions.

He called back yesterday.

I informed him about the Buick I may acquire. He was happy for me but I said to him that the car is going to take a lot of work, and that my plan was to do mechanicals, interior, exterior. He agreed but said I should do the interior last and then told me why. Basically speaking, you avoid potential screw-ups of damaging the interior if you put it last on your to-do list.

Made sense.

So if I acquire the car, that's the order I'll do things in. The guy probably just saved me hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars in touch-up work simply by changing the order of restoration.

It's advice like this that's the most valuable - literally.

The phone call ended as it always does. "Happy motoring!"


"Happy Motoring!" was (and possibly still is) a phrase used by the oil company Esso. You can see it in action on this clock. This brand name used to have a presence in the USA but the gas stations using it changed to Exxon, then finally just Mobil. Lots of name changes for apparently no reason other than corporate acquisitions.


Just like ham radio op's say "73's!" to each other as a farewell, Ben and I say "Happy Motoring!" Originally it was said as a joke because absolutely no one says that anymore. But we do to this day.

These days we literally do mean it when it's said. It's still funny, but there's real sentiment in the phrase now.

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