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Heard at a local four-way stop

Today while at a four-way stop, the light turned green for traffic not on my side of the light. An old man and his wife in a small blue Toyota Celica just sat there at the front of the line.

5 seconds go by...

10 seconds...

20 seconds...

The guy in a rat-trap primer gray Ford Thunderbird behind them starts blaring his horn..

"C'mon! MOVE! F--kin' get out of the way!" BEEEEEEEP BEE BEE BEEEEEEP!

The blue Celica slowly starts to move away with the old man cursing and waving his hands. The windows are closed.

The windows on the Thunderbird however, are open.

"F--kin' old guy, MOVE! Let's go!" BEE BEE BEEEEEP!

I laughed. I have no sympathy to those who don't pay attention to traffic lights - young or old.

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