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Heard just south of Mos Eisley

Darth: Luke!

Luke: What?

Darth: Get in here, the game's about to come on the tube.

Luke: In a minute. The fondue is almost ready.

Darth: Why can't we just have beanies and weenies?

Luke: Because we had that last night.

Darth: Oh, yeah.


Darth: How's that new job going at Toshi station?

(Luke walks in with fondue, sets it on the living room coffee table, then sits on the couch next to Darth)

Luke: Some jerk yesterday wanted his money back for a blown power converter. I said I'd be happy to replace it if he had a receipt. He didn't have one and started giving me crap about it.

Darth: The nerve of that guy...

(Darth eats some fondue)

Darth: Damn, this is good.

Luke: Thanks. So anyway we got into this fifteen minute argument that he's going to call the senate business bureau and report me and all that. I'm just like what.. everrrrr...

Darth: (swallows food) Mmph. Yeah, that guy sounded like a pain in the ass.

Luke: Totally. The job has its good and bad days.


Darth: Anyone coming over to watch the game today?

Luke: Yeah, Ben's showing up. He's been wanting to see the Hutts get pasted in the series.

Darth: That ain't gonna happen. They're favored three to one.

Luke: Yeah, I know. Just don't tell him that.

Darth: (laughs) Right.

Luke: Later on Yoda's coming over to make dinner after he finalizes his deal with the realtor.

Darth: He's finally moving out of the mud hole?

Luke: Yep. He conned some guy into buying it.

(both laugh)

Darth: What's he making for dinner if you don't mind my asking?

Luke: Root leaf.

Darth: Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me.

Luke: Listen, I said I'd let him, and--

Darth: (interrupts) No. n-o NO. I am not eating that stuff.

Luke: C'mon. Root leaf won't kill you. It's good for ya.

Darth: Yeah, good and awful. It tastes like a shag carpet.

Luke: Pop, listen. He's coming all the way from Dagobah. That's a really long way. I'm not about to tell him "Sorry, Pop doesn't like your cooking."

Darth: (sighs) Well, I'm not gonna like it.

Luke: Yeah, but you will eat it.

Darth: I suppose.


Darth: I never understood why you came back to Tattoine. This place is terrible. You should have gone to Coruscant.

Luke: (sighs) We've been over this...

Darth: Have you noticed it takes a freighter twelve more parsecs just to deliver mail here?!

Luke: Listen. I like the open atmosphere. I don't like the city. You know this.

Darth: Hey, I'm just saying...

Luke: Yeah, yeah... just watch the game.

Darth: Frickin' root leaf. I don't even know why I come here.


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