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here it comes...

Yahoo! says that in the next few weeks a new faster/cleaner/safer Y! Mail is coming. I use Y! Mail. Hopefully it won't be anything too unnerving.

Here's what I'm hoping will happen with the new Y! Mail:

1. No more "resolution problem" notices when using a netbook

Every time I login to Y! Mail on my netbook:


This is really, really irritating. I want these type of notices gone forever. True, I could simply use the Classic interface and never get this notice, but I don't like Classic.

2. Advanced search without having to dig for it

The only way to get a true advanced search in Y! Mail is to use Classic. If you use New you have to search, filter, filter, filter, etc. That's annoying.

In Classic you can get an advanced search easily without jumping through hoops to get there.


I'm pretty much guaranteeing that this won't be offered at all, but hey, I can dream.

Y! Mail actually does have IMAP at present, but only for mobile.

~ ~ ~

The other bases are covered such as a speedier interface, faster access, etc. It'll be nice when that comes about because at present Hotmail is kicking Y! Mail's ass in that department with their recent redesign.

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