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Here's how sad WildBlue is

Right now I'm writing this post from in my truck using my laptop. I'm going to go visit Pop at the hospital and I figured I'd take along my laptop and see if there were any unsecured wi-fi's in the area. I got lucky. I'm connected to a network called "holidayinn" (take a guess who that belongs to). The speed is BLAZING fast and I only have a semi-solid connection on the wi-fi because I'm parked in a gas station parking lot. The hotel is not within eyeshot so they must have a damn good wireless router going on over there.


My WildBlue connection is STILL DOWN. The tech who was supposed to call DID NOT CALL YET and this is ridiculous.

WildBlue, I said it before and I'll say it again - you suck.

-- UPDATE --

Here is a recap of what happened today.

Quick question answered first: My internet is still down and I'm "borrowing" 'net to make this edit.

I called WildBlue today because of the tech who never called. Guess what they told me. They told me that I have to call the installer to set up an appointment. Yeah. Me. Not them. So I did. I was told by the installer company to hold because "they don't normally handle these kind of accounts" (WHAT?!) Fifteen minutes later after being on hold THEY HANG UP.

I called WildBlue back and start complaining up a storm about this. Long story short, here's what has happened so far.

Andrew from WildBlue called an installer and he said he would call me tonight. This was at 5:30pm. It's just about 8:15pm and guess what, no call.

It's official, WildBlue is the worst ISP, repeat, THE worst ISP I've ever had. They do NOT care about the customer, their customer support is AWFUL and their follow-up is NON-EXISTENT.

Said it before, say it again: Do NOT use WildBlue. Stay FAR AWAY from them.

This just gives me yet another reason to get the hell out of here and move, which will be happening before the end of this month. More on that later.

-- another update 4/11/06 --

Sure enough, no call from a tech this morning. I call WildBlue. Again. I'm told the tech did in fact make a call but it was to the wrong number even though I specifically told them about ten million times (give or take a million) what number to call to get a hold of me. That was the last straw. I blasted the guy over the phone in no-holds-barred fashion with just about every cuss and swear you can think of. After hashing it out for a bit, he said he'd call the installer and have him call me back directly.

Fine. Whatever.

Miraculously, the installer calls me five minutes later. He said there will be a tech coming to my house today. Wow, isn't that nice? Sheezis..

A part on the dish called the "atria" (I think that's how it's spelled) needs to be replaced. This is the part of the dish that transmits. Mine is acting funky. My internet is working right now (barely), but at any second it could drop like a brick because of this part. Replacement of it will supposedly will fix the problem.

During the conversation I alert the installer of all the utter b.s. I went through just to get to this point. He openly admits that "We've had a lot of customer complaints with WildBlue tech support."

Ya think?

I was also informed that the part that needs replacing does not break often and it's rare when it does so. Whatever. I don't really care. I just want the damned thing fixed so I can get on with my life. My 'net connectivity is required to get some important things done (obviously) so the sooner it gets fixed, the better.

-- last update --

My internet is finally working once again. The installer came by, replaced the atria (that was the problem), and everything is back to normal.

Once I finally got a hold of the installer I was finally able to speak to someone who actually knew what he was talking about when it came to satellite 'net. He knew how to troubleshoot it and fix it quickly.

This still doesn't change the fact that WildBlue completely bungled this help desk request. Their support center is in serious need of a major overhaul - it's that bad.

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