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hey zeus

Some girl messaged me from a tiny personals ad I put on craigslist. Evidently she's in one of those hey-zeus groups and one of the first things out of her mouth (it was instant messaging, visualize people.. visualize) is "have you found a church yet?"

What am I supposed to say. "No, but I'd LOVE to be in one of your little brainwashing hey-zeus groups. Yes, sir! After luring me into your CULT, convince me to give me all my money to your church by tricking me into thinking that money doesn't matter - but the church does."

Hmm, how can I reply to that politely? Don't think I can, so my response is HELL NO.

This is the second time in less than two weeks I've been approached by some hey-zeus'ified person. The first one was handing out pamphlets. The one I just encountered pretends to be single wanting to date guys and then lures them into the hey-zeus group.

Sad. Just sad.

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