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holey pants

Earlier this week I had to throw out a pair of jeans because a rip developed in the butt along the pocket seam that turned into a hole and well.. I don't want people looking at my underwear. There was already a hole-rip in the left knee (why it always happens first on the left I'll never know) and I can usually wear those another few months but a rip in the back is a definite no-go.

Jeans usually last me 1 to 3 years and I will only buy generics or whatever is on sale because I learned my lesson the hard way with brand name Levi's. Years ago I had 2 pair under 6 months old and both developed rips in the you-know-where section. That royally ticked me off because they were close to $40 a pair.

Now I spend $20 or less a pair and they last three times as long. My current brand of choice only because it's cheap, fits and lasts is Wrangler 5-Star.

Fine by me.

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