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Holiday Fiscal Report

I took a nap earlier so I'm still up (ugh). Wish I wasn't. I really should start developing better sleep habits.


Yesterday was the first of several large payments I will be making towards killing the credit card debt. Most of my paycheck went right to the credit card company. This is voluntary, of course. I could just make the minimum payment and leave it at that. Nope nope nope. Not going to do that. I said before I'm on a mission to pay that off, and I will.

Some would say that starting to kill debt at Christmas time is the worst time because you should be spending money on others. "On the contrary," I would say. I think it's the best time to kill debt - or at least not amass any more debt than you already have.

Needless to say I will be sending mostly Christmas cards this year. I'm not buying gifts. If I have to, it will be things people can actually use, like gift cards for Blockbuster or Wal-Mart or something like that. Everyone can use those. If you're stuck thinking of a generally good gift for someone, gift cards are a good idea.

The whole family has overall decided not spend cash on gifts for each other this year mainly because we all have everything we need already and we all have some big bills to pay off. Most likely we will be trading gift cards. Like I said a second ago, those are things you can generally use.

After re-doing some fiscal calculations - it appears that I should have my credit card debt killed (hopefully for good) by late March 2005. It just so happens I turn 30 in late March - and I think paying off my card debt will be the best present I ever gave myself. (grin)

After the card debt is killed I have one more biggie bill which I call the 'back' bill (those who read this blog regularly know what this is,) and then I am officially at zero. My ETA to have that killed off is either June or July 2005.

I think about this whole zero thing and it feels just.. good. What feels even better will be all the cash I won't be sending to the Evil Credit Card Company that I can actually.. um.. save? (grin)


It is possible, although highly unlikely, that I will treat myself to an '84 (or somewhere 'round the 80's) Corvette for my birthday. Like I said - highly unlikely. The insurance for that car will obviously be through the roof. The car will also love to feed on 94 octane fuel. Expensive.

And do I really want to go into debt right after I hit zero on the card before tackling the 'back' bill?

Maybe. (grin) You do only live once. And everyone should own a hot sports car at least once in their life - while you are still young and can drive one without looking like you're going through a midlife crisis.. (haHA!)

The cost of the 'Vette I want would be around $7500 bucks. I would have to travel south (Florida most likely) to get it to ensure I get a rust/rot-free car. I could finance that on a car loan and pay it off relatively quickly considering I wouldn't have and card debt left. Hmmm...

Guess we'll see what happens in March.


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