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holy grail grand piano

Title of this post comes from the Alesis Fusion's first sound you get when you turn it on, the Holy Grail Grand Piano. Yes, that is what it's actually called. Don't know if I'd call it "holy", but it's pretty darn good.

Work dragged today mainly due to the reason it was very hot in the warehouse. However, I got 33 PC's cleaned up and out the door, so I did accomplish something. 🙂

I just got done jammin' on the Fusion a minute or two ago. On this particular synth I can finally do what I call a "roll" up and down the keys in C major because it has such high polyphony. In my next release, tentatively titled "Piano Power", everything is going to be piano based. No drums. No bass. Just piano. My goal is to release four songs, possibly five.

For now, I'm going to shower and then go to bed. I'm beat.

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