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hospital follies / web site crap / tv

Pop had an appointment today to go to the hospital to have hit foot checked out. It did not go well. The healing process is proving to be extremely painful. The foot is healing, but very slowly.


I mentioned a few posts ago about the CSS scale image "em" thing, but after messing around with it, nah. Not worth it. I struggled with z-index's, absolute positioning and a whole host of other crap, then threw my hands in the air and said fuggit. I'd rather write stuff than screw around with advanced CSS techniques.


Flipping thru the channels I caught an episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Yeah, the old original one. It was exactly as I remembered it. Firestar got the crap kicked out of her as usual, Iceman had bad jokes, Spider-Man saved the day and Aunt May was none the wiser. Great show, made me smile - that's all I ask. 🙂


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