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how florida weather messes with my head

The high today was around 68-ish, but less than 3 days ago the was mid-40s. It was a short few days, granted, but it was cold.

I've been living here almost 5 years and the weather here still sends me for a loop every so often. The deal is that when it gets cold outside, I expect it to stay cold for several months. That's 30 years of New England living kicking in when my brain thinks that. After it warms up, New England thinking kicks in again and my brain says, "Well, this won't last long because it'll be bitter cold tomorrow", but it stays warm. Nice bonus, to be sure, but you'd think that after 5 years I'd stop thinking like that.

At least I don't do that thing anymore where I ran the A/C so cold that I was shivering in my own apartment because it felt normal. Yes, I really did do that for the first two years I was here. Thankfully these days I don't and my electric bill is much smaller. 🙂

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