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how i plan on dealing with facebook's impending doom

Timeline has destroyed Facebook.

Nobody will disagree with me on this point because it sucks that bad. Since its official launch on March 30, I literally cannot think of anything else website-wise that people hate as much. Seriously, think of every single web site you know. Do you know of any that had a change that people hate as much as Timeline? I didn't think so.

Just to give you a tiny idea of how bad Timeline is, I decided today to go into my "Likes" which is now "Favorites".. or is it still "Likes"? No idea. Anyway, I go in there and clean house because the vast majority of pages just post useless garbage or try to hock products that nobody wants.

I'm thinking all I have to do is go in there, check off everything I want to "unlike", confirm that and that would be the end of it. Oh, hell no. You have to go to each page individually to "unlike" it. And even after I did that nonsense, there are two pages which are literally stuck in my like list, and I can't "unlike" them at all. They're there, stuck. Forever. Isn't that peachy?

Since day one of Timeline I have heard absolutely nobody say "Hey yeah, this is pretty good", because it's not good. It's awful. And nobody has become used to it. This is not one of those instances where something is launched and people grudgingly accept it over time. People haven't accepted it still.

If you add in the fact that it was recently revealed that 40% of all accounts on Facebook (and Twitter) are nothing but spam, well, you can see where FB is headed. That number will increase to 50%, then 60% and so on, and the whole site will become unusable.

Some people have wondered what the next big social network will be. There answer is none. Facebook is The Last Great Social Network. After FB falls out of favor with the masses, there will be no replacement. People have had it with social, and everyone's very done with it, so to speak.

What I plan on doing concerning FB's impending doom is to archive everything on my fan page. The easiest way to do this is was Backupify, which does include fan page backup support because you can't do it from within FB's interface (surprise, surprise).

Facebook is starting to fall out of favor with the masses big time, so it will be good to have a complete backup of my fan page. If it's just stock HTML format (which I hope it is), I can republish it here on this site later on (as in years from now) as a sort of "remember when?" type of thing and show it all exactly how it was (which is how it is now). This is something I wished I had the foresight to do back in the MySpace days, because if we looked at what we used to use back then for MySpace pages, we'd all have a good laugh from that one.

I seriously dig the way Backupify works. I have a backup in progress right now for my fan page, and once done, it's zipped up and emailed to me. Doesn't get any better than that. I look forward to seeing how the backup turns out.

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