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how many people do you think spell "wednesday" incorrectly?

I bought a webcam yesterday and have resurrected the fishcam. Whether it sticks around or not I'm not sure just yet. Maybe it will, maybe not.

No, I did not buy the cam just to record my fish, however it is a good test to make sure it works correctly. 🙂


The paperwork for the Buick will be mailed out today. I'll be receiving registration papers, bill of sale and whatnot.

Even though the car is bought, it really won't sink that I own it until it's actually here in Florida.


It would seem that I'm getting known 'round the internet as a good podcaster. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that having a good radio voice counts. My voice has that even lower bass tone that commands attention.

How do I know this?

When I did my radio read back in college (I have a college degree in Video/Radio Communications), my read was the only one in the whole class people actually paid attention to. It sounded real because I was performing it as if it were - and it worked.


My new upgraded internet has been really good as far as the upstream is concerned. It's so nice not to have that stupid throttled 128kbps upload speed, but rather 768kbps. Big difference. I know that Verizon now has FiOS.. and I would have got it, but my address doesn't qualify for the service.

Still, what I have is pretty darned good for the price.

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