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how many times a day do you ask yourself "why do i suck?"

Title of this entry comes from a hidden easter egg in this Homestar Runner cartoon. Well, it's not a cartoon.. more like a poster. I captured the audio, have a listen. Also check out the link, the rest of it is funny, too. TBC rules the internet once again. 🙂


Staying stationary

I was thinking about heading to Inverness today but I'm not going because I'm just too tired. Driving tired is just bad news. While it's true that driving around most of FL is about ten times easier compared to New England, I don't get behind the wheel unless I'm fully alert. And contrary to popular belief, gulping a coffee or energy drink doesn't help. All that does is make you wired and tired. Sounds weird but it's true.



If all goes well I'll be going on a date this weekend with a cute girl. We'll be going to a movie but I have no idea which one. I checked online to see what's playing right now. The only ones I liked were Jackass: Number Two, HollywoodLand and Open Season. The rest sucked. I know a few friends who would really be into The Covenant but eh.. I'm not really into movies like that, and I'm also very sure it doesn't hold a candle to Stigmata - which kicked major ass.


Weather report

84° F and awesome as of 12:30pm today. 🙂

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