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How to get a date on craigslist using the pro blogger method

A pro-blogger method applied to any written work on the internet means writing with the intent to sell. Sell can mean different things. It can mean to profit from a product (ex: selling a book you wrote), gain employment (selling yourself), for recognition (respect of peers only with no monetary reward), and so on. Sell does not always mean money because it depends on your goal.

It occurred to me that I could use the pro-blogger way on craigslist personals. Use something reserved for professional environments for online dating? Why not?

What I did is modified the tried-and-true "top list" method with the intent of sparking conversation.

The two selling points of a top list are from the title of the article and making sure the article has hooks to encourage audience participation.

Pro-blogger style title: 8 ways to fix your computer

Modified CL ad title: 9 things about me

Pro-blogger article content hook: (In middle of article) 4. Install anti-virus. What's your favorite anti-virus software?

Modified CL hook: One of my favorite movies is x. Does anybody out there like this flick?

You basically take a pro-blogger style and make it personal. The top list is about you. The hooks you throw in are questions that anybody who sees it could read and easily answer, with emphasis on easily.

Does it work?

Well, I'll put it to you this way. I posted one in this style and got 5 real responses in less than 8 hours with no photo in my ad. For a person of the male persuasion on CL, that's a roaring success. Any guy who uses CL knows this is true. You know how they say that if you don't include a photo in your ad that you'll never get a response? That's b.s. because I proved it wrong.

By the way, yes there are real and fake responses on CL. The fake ones are the kind where you get an email saying, "Hi, my name is x, my profile is here [insert spammy link here]." I got 5 real ones in 8 hours with no spammy crap whatsoever, as in from real women. Incredible.

Will I get a date or two out of it? Maybe. The email process is just the first step. The point is that I took the approach of selling myself pro-blogger style on CL, and it worked.

Amazing, huh? You bet it is.


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